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September 6, 2017

Gentlemen, before we get on with this article I first have to say that if you read our dos & don’ts for a Vegas bachelorette party, well than this post will be a lot simpler and straight to the point. I’m going to be honest with you fellas you truly don’t have as many options as women do. This is Vegas and whether you like it or not, this is the way things are. Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and since its birth it was to create an escape from reality by being an oasis in the desert. What attracts men to this city? Gambling, booze, and women; it’s as simple as that. For example when you walk into any Vegas nightclub and look around at the best tables in the house what do you see? You see a group of guys surrounded by gorgeous women. Why? To keep them spending! Women think they are there to get free drinks and hangout with some guys who have already bought the table, but they are brought there to make those bottles go from full to empty. Fellas lets make this short and sweet with this old famous saying; you’ve got to pay to play baby!


Before you begin your journey out to Sin City with a group of your best bro-migos I’ll say the same thing as I said for the ladies: PLAN AHEAD! Since gentlemen don’t have as many options as females do. 95% of the time you will have to pay for everything. Granted some nightclubs let guys in for free some nights without even ratio but if you think about doing that, well then you might as well tell the bachelor he’s most certainly not having a trip to remember.


Once you get the word from the best man or bachelor that the party will be in Vegas start to organize and deliberate as well as be realistic. Three full days and nights in Vegas is a lot to handle for anyone. Plan on sleeping a max of 3 hours a night and have your liver hate you by 5PM the second evening. If you think you’ll be able to do pool party, dinner, & nightclub all 3 days well then, best of luck. You can go to nightclubs in any city around the USA but here in Vegas the pool party reins supreme. Only way to do a pool party for a bachelor party is bottle service. Now I could do into detail for each one but to cut to the chase; we get it every person who’s been to Vegas one time tells you to Encore Beach Club or Wet Republic. Now when you see initial pricing for these venues don't be shocked when the cheapest table you can do is $5,000 for a cabana and think you'll some how be able to finagle it for $2,500. The price is the price plain and simple. Those two venues are the most popular as well as the most expensive. Weigh your options and do some research for yourself before you come to town.


Why I say be realistic about not being able to do three full days of pool parties, dinner, & nightclubs is because everyone is different. Some soldiers just won’t be able to make it out some nights. The best way to save money one day would be to go to a pool party during the day, have a nice longer dinner with the group at night, then head out to a bar crawl. Best way to catch the other vibe of Vegas nightlife and for a lower cost especially when you crawl with us at venues such as Sake Rok, Double Barrel, & Redneck Riviera on the strip or Commonwealth, Turmeric, & Inspire down on Fremont Street just to name a few.


Now there’s always those adventurous groups of men who enjoy some of the other luxuries we have here in Vegas. All I have to towards that is, smart move. I guarantee the bachelor will always remember going to the middle of the desert and blowing up a taxi with a .50 cal. Yes, that’s a real thing! If that is something you’re interested in then VORE is the place for you. Another awesome thing to that we highly recommend checking out for your bachelor party is plan a day at Exotics Racing. There are not a lot of better things I can think of then racing a Ferrari, McLaren, or Porsche around the Las Vegas Speedway against your best friends.


All in all fellas like I said from the start you’ve got to pay to play. If you think a group of 10 guys is getting a table at any dayclub or nightclub for anything less than a $2,000 minimum well than Vegas might not be the place for your bachelor party. It’s all about planning, communication, & realistic expectations. Don’t do 4 tables as cheap as whatever venue will allow. Do 2 at the places you absolutely must see and ball out! When you bar crawl in Vegas there is only one place to do it with & that’s with us at CRAWL|LV. We have special packages for bachelor parties so please do not hesitate to reach out to us in advance.


In order for you bachelor party to run as smooth as possible well then you’re going to need to know some people. I am going to list contacts below for everything I have gone over from table reservations, to Exotics Racings details, as well as a link for you to purchase tickets to one of our bar crawl events while you are in town!


Please understand that these contacts are some of the best in the city of Las Vegas. Be respectful, ask for their honest opinions and please for the love of all things holy don’t contact them asking for the best/cheapest deal right off the bat or ask for anything illegal. They don’t know you and they’re providing a service, treat them right and believe me you’ll be treated with nothing but top class hospitality from start to finish!







Hakkasan Group (Hakkasan, Omnia, Wet Republic, Jewel)


Joe Napolitano – Senior VIP Host




Tao Group (Marquee Dayclub & Nightclub, Tao & Tao Beach, Lavo Brunch)


Kolton Chournos – Senior VIP Host




Wynn Properties (Encore Beach Club, XS, Surrender, Intrigue)


Daniel Egly – VIP Host




SBE (Hyde Bellagio)


Justin Mulrooney – VIP Services Manager



Limitless Management Group (Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub & Foundation Room)


Nick Cicero – Lead VIP Host



Play Management Group (Light & Daylight)


Anthony Andriano - VIP Host




Drai’s ( Drai’s Beach Club & Nightclub)


Jomari Mendoza – VIP Services





For inquires about pricing for VORE and Exotics Racing please contact us directly on our direct business line ( 1.702.884.5850 ) or email us:

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