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July 26, 2017

First & foremost this blog article’s purpose is to inform ladies around the globe on the ins and outs of how to go about planning a Vegas bachelorette party. Not the do's & don’ts of planning a bachelorette party in general such as “the do's for the bride” or “the don’ts for brides maids” that is an entirely different post that is more suitable from a woman’s point of view, not a man’s. The team at CRAWL|LV & myself are Vegas nightlife aficionado’s. I am here to tell you how to plan your Vegas bachelorette party properly & efficiently to ensure a weekend that the bride & her closest friends will always remember.


The most important “do” is: PLAN AHEAD! Whether you’re looking to do a bar crawl, nightclub, concert, cirque du soleil show, or anything else in the city of sin the most crucial element is to be prepared. Vegas nightlife promoters help multiple bachelorette parties every weekend & receiving a text the week of or day you land in town shows that you might not be serious. Having been a promoter when I first started in the industry I can personally tell you that a Las Vegas promoter handles anywhere from 150 texts on a weekday all the way up to 300 on the weekends. Most of the people they are talking to are return clients, referrals, or individuals they have met in person that day while promoting. Receiving a text from a woman stating “Hey we just arrived in town for a bachelorette party. We are 12 girls all together, what should we do tonight?” will get the bare minimum response that won’t ensure your trip to be the most memorable experience possible.  


The next crucial “do” is: be realistic. The maid of honor is normally the one “dubbed” to be in charge of setting everything up. Ladies, it is very important to manage the brides’ expectations, especially if it is her first time going to Vegas. Sit down & make a list of what she is most interested in doing. First buzz kill that I cannot stress enough is club hopping is unrealistic. What is also very realistic is to think that for a 4-day/night weekend you will be able to hit a pool party every afternoon, then have enough life to go to the club that night, sorry ladies but its not happening. Instead try to pick the top pools/clubs you are most interested in, along with what shows you want see & restaurants you want to check out so you can get the full experience of Vegas. Say you land on a Thursday afternoon. My advice would be to have a nice dinner planned at say Tao then head upstairs to the nightclub afterwards for their “worship Thursdays” party. Friday afternoon hit up a pool party & go all out. That evening I’d advise to have a nice dinner planned & afterwards bar crawl the Las Vegas strip. Pro tip; Vegas bars are not like your average neighborhood bar. If you think you’re just going to sit down & have a drink while having a conversation, well you are highly mistaken. Take Sake Rok for instance, one of the newest, most happening bars on the strip not only offers a unique twist on modern Japanese classics (definitely come here for some killer "sush" before you crawl) but the atmosphere is like no other. While dinning be ready for unexpected shenanigans such as; restaurant-wide sake bombs, impromptu dance parties and lip-sync serenades. Ladies, from years of experience I can tell you that numerous bachelorette parties couldn’t be more thrilled to have one night out not having to be dressed to the nines walking around wearing high heels. Doing a bar crawl is the sure fire way to ensure a memorable night while being able to rage in some shorts & a crop top.


Now… for the remainder of your trip. Why is club hopping unrealistic? Every dayclub/nightclub operates differently meaning their guestlist times vary. Some dayclubs/nightclubs guestlist end at 2pm/12am for women & some end at 3pm/1am. If you think you can start the night at Hakkasan, which is located inside the MGM Grand at the south end of the strip, then leave after 2 hours & head up to the north end of the strip to the Wynn & go to XS… chances are you’ll have waited on the second cab line only to have a cab driver take you the longest route possible up 2 blocks & get to XS when the guestlist ended 30 minutes prior, like it or not if you want to go in after the list has ended you’ll have to pay. When a promoter says the list closes for women at 1am then its 1am. Don’t text him at 2am with “Hey we’re in front & they’re saying we have to pay… you told us we’d be free!!” Yes, you would have been free if you read the confirmation text that every nightclub promoter sends each individual they have on their guestlist for that day or night. Rules are rules it is as simple as that.


The last “do” you need to know is: patience is a virtue. Even if you are only going to attend a few pool parties or nightclubs & have the remainder of your trip planned for bar crawling, backstreet boy/Mariah Carey concerts, zip lining, or going to a Chippendales show, you’re not the only ones that will be doing that. Lines are a norm anywhere you go in Vegas. Make sure you have enough time to get ready, wait for a cab, and get to the hotel without having to run across the casino floor.


When it comes to pool parties/nightclubs during the summer months there can be up to 5000 names on the guestlist for one day or night. When a promoter tells you the recommended time to show up well then listen to him/her. They are not telling you this for just for fun, if they say show up by 10:15PM try & get there by 10:30, 10:45 the latest. You’ll be happy you did. Informing your promoter throughout the night letting him/her know when you will be leaving your hotel to go to the club will ensure the promoter that you’ve been paying attention & in return you will be guided the second you exit the cab up to when you arrive at the ropes. FYI ladies, most nightclubs have a general guestlist line as well as a ladies line. If you are in contact with your promoter up to your arrival & get there at the time specified they will 100% bring you directly to the all ladies line, avoiding having to wait on the general guestlist line. If the list ends at 1AM & you’re promoter doesn’t here from you until 12:45AM informing him you just arrived chances are he or she will be incredibly busy & not have the time or be able to meet you out front & escort you directly to the all ladies line, which moves 10xs faster than the general guestlist line.


Now lets begin on the “don’ts”. I am going to start off with the most important don’t that will get you black listed in a promoters database.



When I say do not shop around I mean that you should not be in contact with multiple promoters throughout the city or even worse, be in contact with numerous promoters at the same venue. Promoters are human beings ladies, this is their lively hood not something they do for “fun”. They are taking the time to help you & answer any question you may have to ensure your time in Vegas going through them will be flawless & a memory. If you are in contact with a promoter from Omnia weeks before you arrive and arrange everything with him or her, then once you arrive & meet another promoter from Omnia who tells you “Oh I can give you ladies a complimentary table & bottle” they are lying to you. He just wants you to go under his guestlist so he/she is the one who gets credit. If on the other hand the promoter informs you he will be bringing you as his guests for the night to the promotion teams table, well then you just hit the jackpot, do not mess this up by texting another promoter seeing if you can get a better deal… you can’t.


The next “don’t” & just as important is: don’t demand complimentary bottle service. Please, for the love of God, do not text a promoter saying; “Hey John, got your number from a friend. I will be in town these dates with 8 girls, give us a free drinks.” Or even worse “give us a free table”. This promoter has never met you why would he be obligated or want to give you a $2,000 table for free? Tip: VIP Host’s are the ones who deal with/sell bottle service and they along with managers/directors are the personnel who have the authority to give or authorize comp tables, not promoters. It also looks bad when you say a “friend”. State that friends name along with when they were in town & what venues the promoter helped them with. This helps weed out the “shoppers” from the “serious”. When it comes to asking for free drinks, please ask nicely, “Hey, Lisa told me when she was here you were able to give them open bar. I was just curious if this is something that you are still able to do?” This is the proper way to ask for free booze. Being courteous is a firm way for you to get the best VIP treatment in a city where everyone thinks they can get something for free because of stories they’ve heard from friends/family who have been here.


The last subject I am going to talk about that I have mentioned a few times is: tables. It is actually pretty simple. Ladies when you hear stories from girl friends that came to Vegas just for a vacation & told you they were put on a table, yes this is probably true. A dayclub/nightclub table can range from a $550 minimum all the way up to a $15,000 minimum. Most of the tables being purchased for the day or night are predominately by men & when spending $5,000 on $175 worth of booze guys like to have a lovely lady to accompany them while they’re doing so. Chances are your girl friends were brought to a table that a group of gentlemen are paying for. This does not mean the table is yours they have the right to kick you out anytime they want to. If you want to have a table for your bachelorette party that is yours & only yours well then you will have to put in a reservation & depending on the group size & location you want spend a certain minimum. If that’s the route you are looking for be sure to check out the “The Dos & Don’ts for a Vegas Bachelor Party” where I will go into full explanation on how Vegas bottle service works.


Being a Vegas nightlife professional for the past 3 years & counting I believe that if you follow these guidelines your trip will be nothing but spectacular. You do not have to follow everything I have advised. At the end of the day this article is meant to give you a general understanding of the “real” way nightlife works out here in Vegas. Don’t be stuck on only doing pool parties/nightclubs when this city has so much more to offer. Be original don’t just follow the hype. Another great thing to check out besides bar crawling the Las Vegas Strip is to do a crawl down on Fremont St, which is the original Vegas. Last pro tip for this article is this… Ladies, 48 hours of constant drinking by anyone’s standards takes a toll on you. By the third day your liver is going to be your enemy. The best recommendation I can give you is to have an IV drip company come to your hotel room. ReSquared Medical in my opinion is the company to go with. Call and make an appointment with them ahead of time because you’re not the only ones who will need this special form of rehydration during your stay. Be sure to let them know CRAWL|LV referred you.


My business partner & I have close to a combined decade of experience in this city working as both promoters & then VIP Host’s for different venues throughout the city. As I stated previously promoter’s deal with multiple individuals every weekend & reaching out to one informing them you were referred by an actual friend of theirs goes a long way. I am going to list below some of the veteran promoters in the city who are personal friends of ours with their contact info & what venues they work for so you can rest assure that you are in good hands. Just be sure to mention that CRAWL|LV referred you to them.


Hakkasan Group (Hakkasan, Omnia, Wet Republic, Jewel)


Chase Aleksick




Tao Group (Marquee Dayclub & Nightclub, Tao & Tao Beach, Lavo Brunch)


Jake Talley




Wynn Properties (Encore Beach Club, XS, Surrender, Intrigue)


Jessica Lazaro




SBE (Hyde Bellagio)


Fred Loguidice




Drai’s (Drai’s Beach Club & Nightclub)


Jomari Mendoza




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July 26, 2017

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