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June 28, 2017



A drinking establishment is a business whose principle function is serving alcoholic beverages for consumption only within its premises. Some of these establishments may also serve food and have some entertainment. There are different types of drinking establishments ranging from bars, to pubs, to taverns. There are also elegant drinking establishments for elite consumers looking to indulge in a night of debauchery, commonly know as a nightclub. Bars, inns, lounges, and taverns are different but all have a common role for selling alcohol commercially. Some of these establishments like pubs have on-site breweries.




A bar is a retail drinking business establishment that serves alcoholic beverages such as cocktails, liquor, wine, beer among other beverages such as soft drinks and water. Most bars offer some form of restaurant menu for when patrons have had one to many and a sudden urge for buffalo wings arise. 

Bars normally have stools that are placed at tables or counters for their patrons where they are served by a bartender. A majority of bars offer live music entertainment. Bars can be simple and inexpensive or elegant with quality entertainment and restaurants for dinning. Many bars offer ‘happy hours’ or discount periods to promote patronage. If you cruise in during the day or for happy hour most likely the bartender will check your ID to make sure you are of age. During nights and weekends however, many bars employee bouncers to regulate their doors checking ID’s to ensure no underage patrons get inside, to maintaining order if chaos erupts and collecting cover charges. Entertainment offered could be a live band, vocalist, comedian or DJ. Depending on the size of the establishment, the alcoholic beverages could be served at bay by the bartender or by servers, or even by the two. Alcoholic drinks are placed in the ‘back bar’ which is a shelf containing glasses and alcoholic beverages behind the counter. It could be decorated with finely crafted wood or light displays.


Types of bars;


There are several types of bars but the intended type of a bar is determined most by the patronage that frequently uses the bar. For example, if bikers normally use a specific bar, the bar becomes a biker bar and the design of the bar is ultimately changed to meet the desires of its patrons. The other different types of bars include:


- A full bar; which serves nearly all types of alcoholic beverages; liquor, cocktails, wine and beer.


- Wine bar; is exclusively elegant serving wine rather than beer or liquor. Patrons are given the choice of tasting a particular wine before buying it. This may be accompanied by a small snacks or meal.


- Beer bar; focuses particularly on craft beer rather than liquor or wine. A brew pub has a brewery and serves craft beer.


- Non-alcoholic bar; that doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages. It could be a milk bar serving milk products such as yoghurt, flavored milk, ice cream, milk shakes among others.


- Cocktail lounge; is an upscale bar located within a restaurant, hotel, casino or even an airport.


- Blues bar; features live blues type of music


- Comedy bars; they feature stand up comedies


- Dance bars; have a dance floors where patrons dance to the recorded music, which could be from a DJ.


- Karaoke bars; offer karaoke entertainment


- Drag bars; drag performance is the entertainment offered to patrons.


- Sport bars; have sport themes and equipped with screens which feature sporting activities and events for their patrons.


- Topless bars (strip clubs); where topless female servers serve the patrons with alcoholic beverages.

Similarly, bars can be categorized as being biker bars, cop bars, college bars, gay bars, neighborhood bars, ladies bar or sport bars depending the types of patrons that frequently use the bar.


Bars are often prohibited from serving to go alcoholic drinks but in parts of Las Vegas, NV and Savannah, GA open container policies allow for you to walk on a public street with an alcoholic beverage in a plastic or paper cup. The rule of thumb for both cities is: no glass.




Is an establishment licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. It has its origin from British, Irish and Australian culture of a relaxed social drinking establishment. A pub can simply be described as the heart or focal point of a community.


Some pubs have stage performances such as stand up comedians, musical bands, vocalists singing, and local artists preforming.


Types of pubs;


- Country pubs; is a traditionally and rurally placed and designed public house. It is built to function as the social centre of a village or rural community. It is basically where old folks met to interact and exchange news while others are used for the general purpose of drinking and entertainment. However, recent trends have converted pubs into establishments of food consumption rather than social community meeting and drinking.


- Road houses; large establishments that offer drinks, meals and areas of interaction to motorists. They can also incorporate restaurants and fast food outlets for motorists in a hurry. 


- Theme pubs; they canter for specific type of patrons or clientele such as people for certain race, nationality or sport fans. Examples of these pubs may include sport bars, strip pubs, Irish pubs, or biker pubs.


- Micro pubs; are small community pubs with particular limited opening hours that major on locally crafted beers.


- Brew pubs; is a pub that brews beer on its premises. Brew pubs are common in Germany, Canada, France and various chains in North America.



The entertainment offered in pubs includes games such as darts, billiards, and trivia nights among others. In the US, some pubs incorpirate a vibe from where the owner/s are from. Some might be a college bar incorpriating games like beer pong and corn hole. While others might be an Irish or Scottish pub specializing in Irish Ales or Scottish Whiskey; better known as scotch. Pubs may also feature live performances from local music bands or local vocalist singers. 




Pubs unlike other drinking establishments are famous for their long history of serving food. Traditionally, small snacks and meals were served such as peanuts, pork grinds, chips, and pickled eggs were most likely served as well. Recently; home cooked meals such as roast beef or pot roast, along with mussels, and varies other kinds of shellfish, are also sold to customers especially during late closing hours. In addition, other foods such as steak, shepherds pie, burgers, chicken wings, lasagna, fish and chips are also served in other pubs.




A tavern is a drinking establishment of business where people drink alcoholic beverages and eat served food. In most cases, taverns offer accommodation services to travelers. An inn is a tavern licensed to accommodate guests as lodgers. Taverns serve wine, beer, and popular liquors such as whiskey, vodka, or scotch.




Most taverns offer some form of games such as a billiards table or dartboard.

Taverns offer a place for meeting and conducting business. Disputes in the community are often settled in taverns.




Taverns being places of community and business gatherings offer meals as well as drinks. Meals offered can range from a wide variety of snacks to heavy meals. 




Is an informal colloquial term describing a bar or pub. Depending on the country, city, or town they are in some dive bars can be referred to as ‘neighborhood bars’. In a neighborhood dive bar you are more than likely to walk in to a bunch of local residents having a drink after a hard days work. Along with the neighborhoods newly aged twenty-one year olds basically living on a certain barstool. A majority of dive bars have a nostalgic atmosphere to them having been around for quite some time. As the old expression goes “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.




Are entertainment venues that operates especially late into the early morning. It is also an entertainment venue and bar serving alcoholic beverages that operates late in the night. It is characterized and distinguished from other drinking establishments by the inclusion of dance floors, certain clubs may divulge to a certain genre of dance music wether it be hip-hop, R&B, house, tech house, or techno. State of the art lighting systems target not only drinkers but also dancing youthful enthusiasts. 

Nightclubs are packed with the inclusion of VIP areas with elegant sofas for the elite and few individuals who are ready to dig deep into their wallets for exclusive nightclub services and drinks.







Most if not all night clubs have bouncers that regulate the legal age of entry and maintain order in case violence erupts from people who may have had one too many. Some bouncers are also meant to ensure that the social class of individuals entering the club meet the required standards in terms of dress codes, design wear among others. Nightclubs are mostly busy on Fridays and Saturdays where security is paramount. Bouncers have the power to restrict and regulate entry and also to remove people. Some have metal detectors to prevent entry of weapons into clubs. As well as bag, wallet, pocketbook checks to ensure no form of illicit drugs enter the premise. They are important because they regulate the number of entries to prevent stampedes in case a fire breaks out. They enforce the clubs dress code. Some clubs have high watch areas such as balconies which bouncers use to maintain peace for the clubbers.


Entry criteria;


Unlike drinking establishments, dive bars or nightclubs have exclusive entry criteria not only dependent on age. Bouncers choose who enter the clubs, VIP areas or specific lounges. Mostly, bouncers are situated at the clubs main door, dance floor, and VIP areas. As a formality, identification check is the first requirement to ascertain legal drinking age and the individuals are not intoxicated already. In exclusive, expensive and high-end nightclubs, bouncers use certain criteria such as dress code and guest list. Dress code should be stylish or in other words ‘cool’; no ripped jeans, sometimes no jeans at all, no gang clothing and so on. 


Cover charge;


Sometimes, a flat fee is required in order to enter a nightclub. Sometimes, the fee can be waivered off for early arrivers and special guests or on special occasions. Some clubs especially in Las Vegas offer patrons a prior chance to sign up on the guest list before coming to the club. This is beneficial because cover charges are discounted, you have the ability to skip the line and enjoy free drinks. Online guest list sign-ups are common in Las Vegas.


Guest list;


Many nightclubs use guest list to maintain the entry of patrons in the club. Guest lists are used in celebrity parties and events. In some cities like Las Vegas, the guest list is a way for anyone to gain entry, so the nightclub can pack its floor to entice VIP patrons to spend more to keep the party going. The guest list options could range from reduced, full price to free entry. The list helps separate VIPs from commoners. The sign up could be online or through one of the nightclubs promoters or VIP Hosts.


Entertainment offered in night clubs include mostly music and dance floors. The clubbers are offered with high-end music mixed from professional DJs. The color illumination of the dance floor adds the thrill of the entertainment. Most clubbers are usually dance enthusiasts coming to show off their skills and maybe leave with a partner or two.


Dress code;


Different cubs have different dress codes that must be met by the clubbers. The bouncers are always ready to enforce these dressing codes at the main entrance. These dress codes ensure a particular type of clientele is in attendance. Some nightclubs advocate for casual wear while others advocate for more stylish and attractive fashion design wear such as celebrity nightclubs.



Drinks and food;


The drinks offered in nightclubs vary to meet every clubbers financial need. However some exclusive clubs have an almost expensive range of drinks, which make many burn their wallets to the core. Nevertheless, such clubs are usually paid for in advance and include celebrity parties and events. They offer premium beer, liquor, and champagne amongst other options. Food is rarely served in clubs unless in special celebrity clubs where the host may add a twist to the event in order to gain more social recognition and popularity. High-end celebrity clubs are sometimes funded by companies to advertise various types of drinks, fashion line designs when it comes to dressing codes or even certain venues especially in Las Vegas.


Nightclubs are certainly the choice of most people after a long busy week. They meet the desires of most clienteles by offering a nightlong experience of fun and joy. The guest list is usually filled with people from all walks of life, different races, ideological beliefs unlike bars and pubs. This is important because it gathers people of diverse beliefs and unifies them with entertainment and self-expression through dancing.

So whether it comes to pubs, taverns, nightclubs or simply just bars, you are now in the know as to which drinking establishment best suites your needs and desires. 


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