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July 6, 2017


Relaxation and rejuvenation is a sure in thing this year, 2017. Several mixes are being alcohol infused not only to improve the taste but also to improve the effect these drinks have among drinkers. From the lightest to the hardest mixes, these options are made to exist to provide the ease and the effect they are expected to provide liquor enthusiasts who have distinct taste requirements from all around the globe.


Why the interest in these beverages?

Unlike what others think, liquor infused beverages do not simply provide a sense of leisure to those who are fond of drinking. With the right amount, they are actually able to soothe the nerves. Some of the relaxing mixes in this category include the following:


-Coffee Mixes


The relaxing aroma of coffee is one that makes it rather so inviting. Putting in liquor to create a mix of spirit and aroma is what makes coffee-liquor mixology developments rather interesting. Both coffee lovers and liquor drinkers will find these mixes rather enticing, offering them a new take on the bitter-sweet taste of these beverages.


Smokey Café Old Fashioned and Maker’s Mark bourbon are to among the most popular mixes in this choice of drink. The mixture of coffee beans, orange syrup, Jack Whiskey and espresso infused syrup all create a wonderful taste and aroma when they are put together in one exciting drink. With the invigorating energy provided by the drink, it also creates a playful taste in the tongue, one that engulfs the drinker into a fun and energetic mood. Some also choose cherries to further enhance the sweet-bitterness of the taste.


-Grapefruit Infusion


There are several grapefruit infusions that are considered to be at the top of the choices that would best fit the 2017 taste-buds of regular and explorative drinkers. The grape infusions most known today and are expected to make a big hit throughout the year 2017 are Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin, Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum and Rose Grapefruit Rum.


What makes grapefruit interesting is that they go with almost anything and any particular taste. It has been realized by baristas and liquor mixers though that when it comes to creating grapefruit mixes, having fresh yet clear based juices is best. Sometimes, the solid lumps of the grapefruit fresh juice could ruin the taste unless there is an intended amount of lump in the drink. Nevertheless, generally, clean and clear liquor that passes through the throat smoothly is a much desirable drink for many.


-Vanilla Add-ons


Mixed with almost any kind of liquor and other mix-ons, vanilla is considered as the oldest yet most loved ingredient in crating exciting mixtures. Hospitality experts have found out that the taste of vanilla tends to enhance all other tastes and create a rather effective connecting factor that unites all other separate tastes of ingredients used within a particular drink.

Children are offered vanilla flavor drinks and pastries almost all the time, simply because they tickle the taste buds ever so often. Given such memory, many among who love distinct tasting liquors now get back to that same old nostalgic taste of vanilla as it is infused with spirit.


-The Japanese Yuzu


The Japanese community has a lot to offer to the world including exotic ingredients that are sure to create a new and unique approach to making liquor taste even more interesting and somewhat seem much healthier than damaging.


Unique spices are also added in to balance the Yuzus’s taste and bring about a new sense of realization f the real aroma that this herb offers the drink. Baking spices such as soda powder as well as cocktail flavors are often added into the mix. Vietnamese chili and cinnamon spices are also included in the choices of add-ons to this mix.


-Banana Infusions


Banana is a well-loved ingredient as an addition to cocktail drinks. Polynesian trends make it easier for bananas to be fairly recognized as a great flavorful addition to regular beverages. Tiki bars often specialize with this particular choice of add on that it becomes well loved among liquor enthusiasts especially cocktail loyalist.


The art of mixing different ingredients and liquors together to create a new and exciting flavorful beverage that will tickle the senses of the drinker comes with distinct creativity. The art behind mixology is somewhat highly interesting and distinctively effective in creating new moods for drinkers. This is why the hospitality industry opens its doors to both traditional and new possibilities of offering new sets of invigorating beverages that would sure capture the attention of the world.


In 2017, it is expected that the new trend of putting in natural flavors into beer mixes as well as cocktail and whiskey choices would create grand adjustments on how the world sees the value of casual drinks in to their daily lives. Putting the world’s grandest flavors into one glass of drink is both tricky and exciting and this is what the hospitality industry tries to master at present.


Everything is changing and the ways by which beverages are made are making a great impact on how such changes are embraced within the hospitality industry. With tourism on the rise, liquor mixes are taking on a new step towards evolving into something that the world accepts and highly appreciates.

Apart from the top 6 ingredients featured above, there are eight other top mixes that are expected to make some noise this year in bars and in recreational dining stations around the globe.


1. The Never dying Rose

Because of the growing trend, Rose is making a mark on areas most visited by liquor enthusiasts. Back then, Rose is only offered during the spring and summer seasons. But because of the rising demand for this drink, it is now a whole-year round trend to a lot of drinkers.


2. The Sour Beer Mixes

The best sizzler still, beers are expected to retain its position in the drink market. Sour beers are making a big name in the industry. The reason behind this is that such taste balances out different tastes making it a good choice even for those who are just down for lunch. This beverage is a great addition to the menu of restaurants even at the middle of the day.

Fermented with bacteria and a specific kind of yeast, sour beer tastes the best when taken in with particular food partners in restaurants any time of the day.


3. Natural Wine Choices

Fermented fruit juices still remain the best choice even for retail sales. Stores offering this type of liquor often find themselves out of stock every now and then especially with the high rate of campaign in the health benefits of organic wine.

Depending on the choice of the drinker, natural wines can take different forms and tastes based on how they are processed and fermented. Some could be fuzzy, some could be cloudy and some could be filled with foam and yet clear at the bottom. Several mixes are made in order to create a rather exciting feature that enhances the natural wine’s flavor into something rather extraordinary.


4. Recreating Traditional Cocktail Recipes into Something more Exciting and Interesting

Cocktails have always been interesting; a general drink that could be offered even to the weakest drinkers in the market. Other mixes could be tweaked to provide what harder drinkers expect. Depending on the mixers’ decision and the drinkers’ demand, a cocktail could be as soft or as hard as desired.


5. Wine Flights

These drinks are specifically chosen by health-conscious individuals who would like to share a drink or two with a friend or with a loved one during lunch or dinner. Considered as great partner of food, wine us differentiated apart from beers but are expected to give that same vigorous effect to the body.


6. New Sake Infused Liquor choices

The world is better with the Japanese culture on organic health infused in every bit of recreational drink. Sake is one of the healthy solutions to other liquor choices that might have hard effect on light drinkers. Offered in most Japanese stores and Japanese restaurants, Sake is beginning to take on a new step towards being recognized as one of the best loved drinks in the hospitality industry


7. Canned Wine

Who says only beer could be drunk on the go. Wine is now also being offered in classic cans that can be carried around. This choice was made by manufacturers not only to increase sales but also to encourage people to drink healthier liquor. Bottles and cans made a great packaging for wines especially as it targets more individuals to accept what the beverage offers accordingly.

Perhaps the only problem that is being encountered by this growth at present is the fact that the supply system and delivery approach is not yet being fully defined especially in modern cities around the globe. Perhaps more attention ought to be placed upon the logistics behind the distribution of these products in the market.


8. Homemade Cocktails

Everyone wants to try something new on their own. Everyone seems to try and experiment with the usual taste of their drinks. With youtube and other portals in the internet offering directive videos on how to create personally defined cocktails, homemade mixtures are expected to make a name in the market this 2017.


Retailers and wholesalers in the field would best benefit from this option of development as not only restaurants and specific establishments are going to buy from them, but households as well. This changes the whole trend by which wine sales depend upon at present. Through the end of 2017, it is expected that this new trend would carry on both international and local breweries into a whole new concept of understanding the basics of liquor mixing and creating exciting drinks.


Great options are opened to the world as diversity becomes a common culture around the globe. With races being mixed together, the food and beverage industry is sure to become more effective in affecting the lives and the vision of people with regards recreational drinks that are specifically mixed to fit their unique tastes.


Apart from the Western and European mixes that has already made a mark on the market, Asian mixes are expected to create big fuzz in the worldwide hospitality industry. With health becoming a top priority to everyone, it is expected that more are going to switch to more organic liquor mixes. Cocktails, wines and beers are overseen to have a great role in the new international exchange of flavors.


It could also be noted that as the internet continues to take effect on the living and learning process of the community, more are going to be interested in making personal mixes. More are going to be interested in experimentation and creating tastes that are unique to their liking.

This demand should be responded to accordingly. With such an expansion and a new born interest on DIY mixology, manufacturers are expected to embrace creative options of becoming more connected to the public, what they want, what they hope in their home made mixtures and make sure that such experiments would be easy to complete and rather satisfying to drink. The year 2017 sure has a lot to offer to the liquor industry. This year opens a lot of doors to several opportunities to both manufacturers and retailers alike. Making sure that the right product reaches the target market on time is an essential part of this supposedly successful campaign.


More restaurants are supposed to create menus that would largely cater to specific liquor demands of a diverse community. Providing them better and more exciting beverage choices, year 2017 seems to give a brighter presentation on how the liquor industry could actually grow this year towards the coming seasons. Continuously empowering organizations in the worldwide hospitality industry , liquor manufacturers ought to offer several options to owners of businesses as they become more engaged in the process of improving beverage choices offered in the market while relatively increasing range of profit. With these developments at hand, the liquor industry around the world is sure to redefine the worldwide view on alcoholic drinks taking healthier and more unique mixes added into these drinks’ character and value.

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